Custom Solutions

Artificial Intelligence

The artificial intelligence solutions that we provide across different sectors help decision makers to gain insights and knowledge not discovered in the work environment, where artificial intelligence solutions support a wide range of technical fields in the government and private sectors, through building tools, securing channels, and integrating services to help in Create a smarter business environment than ever before.

Business Intelligence

ExperTech delivers business intelligence and data analysis solutions to its clients by understanding and refining organization data and analysis and representing them in interactive information templates and smart dashboards, enabling decision makers to draw plans and strategies and predict future results.

Internet of Things

IoT contributes to the digital transformation of organizations, and these services can be used to create innovative and customized solutions to provide smart services to customers using the leading platforms in this field, enabling smart homes, factories, and wearable devices. ExperTech provides IoT services through experts and practitioners, and it handles the implementation of IoT projects.


Our expertise in Blockchain technologies is to provide smart technology solutions to help our clients implement smart business systems on a large scale, by providing various services such as digital certificates, smart contracts, automated systems, customer loyalty systems, reward systems, real estate contract management systems, and others related systems.

Data Analytics

ExperTech assists organizations to increase their competitive efficiency by analyzing their data intelligently and innovatively, which results in new, useful and supportive information for decision-makers, by using data analysis tools and employing them to solve problems and overcome obstacles by relying on various data sources.

Web Solutions

ExperTech helps organizations provide the workforce with better production tools and capabilities and serve their clients faster by building and customizing institutional systems like ERP, CRM, HRM and field management, logistical support and supply chains, transportation, access to information and many other solutions.

Mobile Solutions

Organizations of various directions have paid great attention and wide interest in activating their services through mobile applications, to facilitate the provision of their services to their clients. ExperTech has distinguished itself in developing highly accurate real-time applications for different sectors, thanks to ExperTech’s technical development in creating applications that are unparalleled in quality and functionality in the business scope.