About Us

About ExperTech

Today, we are living in the age of civilizational progress in all fields of development. One of the most important fields is information and technology. This requires us to think creatively, exploit resources and tools, and take advantage of our expertise and experience, to help keep pace with our information and technology revolution. Also, to employ them to compete organizations for leadership and excellence. With a clear vision and a strong well, ExperTech has been established as an emerging technology specialist leading a world of innovation to deliver the best technical services to its customers. Using the latest tools and gadgets such as Data Analysis, Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, The Internet of Things, and more. To meet the growing needs and to provide integrated solutions in different business sectors and at the level of the government or the private sectors.
In the midst of today’s information revolution, ExperTech stands proudly and ably at the forefront of other companies that are specialized in the IT sector. Directing projects towards a successful work environment requires competent staff, which is important and sensitive to the superiority of any company. Here at ExperTech, we appreciate this, so we are working to embrace the creative and energetic minds that contribute to the positive change in the emerging technologies. Our determination comes from the goals and the intention to seek excellence have been renewed after the Kingdom’s 2030 vision has been finally insight.To actthis vision as a road map for our company to be at the forefront of the initiative processions in raising the efficiency of a vital society through this ambitious and promising vision.
ExperTech begins to take a steady lead in making a real leap in order to put its unique mark in the process of enrichment the Kingdome of Saudi Arabia with development projects. We harness the emerging technologies by applying the best overall quality standards and the strategic management to develop the IT sector for all our customers to suit their needs and expectations. Our company aspires to optimize the Artificial Intelligence, Data Analysis, Business Intelligence, and the Internet of Things to create an integrated, intelligent environment. Just here… We offer our customers long-term prospects and smart solutions to increase business performance and to enhance the output and results.

Who we are?

ExperTech is one of the first Saudi companies specialized in providing emerging technology services according to international and local standards, as it aspires to be a supportive element for digital transformation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and overcome the difficulties to benefit from the employment of emerging technologies in line with achieving the Kingdom’s 2030 vision.

Core Technology Focus

We employ emerging technologies to meet the growing needs and to provide integrated solutions in different business sectors and at the level of the government or the private sectors.
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Big Data & Analysis
  • Business Intelligence
  • Internet of Things

What we are?


  • Digital Transformation
  • Technology Consultation


  • Products Development
  • Systems Integration


  • Business Operation
  • Technical Support


  • Emerging Technology Labs
  • Research


  • Training & Workshops
  • White Papers

Our Vision

– Leading digital transformation through emerging technologies –

Our Team

The company includes the best experiences in the fields of emerging technologies.

We are proud to provide our services with experienced staff to perform at the highest level to provide smart technical solutions.

Our company’s achievements are the result of joint efforts made by each member of the company to provide their best assets.